DEMEC Sponsors Customer Service Training for Local Public Power Utilities

The Delaware Municipal Electric Corporation (DEMEC) sponsored and hosted a customer service training on July 27, 2017 for almost 30 local public power utility staff members. The training, “Strategies for Successful Customer Service Operations”, covered a range of customer service priorities while focusing on providing quality customer service in today’s world. Discussions centered around defining and providing customer service, identifying what customers need and want, and consciously making customer service a strategy of your utility. Customer service is not just the responsibility of one but is required of every employee.

Instructor Steve VanderMeer, of Hometown Connections, explained how social media, phone systems, and building/office security improvements for staff’s safety could all affect how customers view the utility. Additionally, differing generational expectations for customer service and the quick, immediate service customers have come to expect, play a big role in how a utility’s customer service is rated.

DEMEC recognizes the importance of customer service and plans to continue providing more of these opportunities for our members and as such is working with APPA to promote their Customer Service Certificate program where those who complete the curriculum would be eligible for a certificate.  The overwhelmingly positive feedback from the participants helps support this needed training.