Sustainability Commitment

DEMEC, like other public power systems across the nation, is a leader in the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency in the communities they serve. 

DEMEC has supported green energy initiatives with its members since 2004, well before the Delaware Renewable Portfolio Standard became law. DEMEC has agreements for wind power from the Laurel Hill Wind Farm in Lycoming, Pennsylvania and solar power from the Dover Sun Park, Milford Solar Farm, and the Smyrna Solar Facility. In addition, DEMEC supports the Municipal Green Energy Grants Program to help provide assistance for residents utilizing renewable energy for their homes. 

DEMEC has made significant long-term investments in renewable energy and has invested over $100 million in the development of a large portfolio of qualifying renewable energy generation resources to achieve the lowest possible compliance cost. DEMEC’s goal is to install community solar in each of its member communities.