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Corporate Renewable Energy Block Program

DEMEC launched this program in response to corporate interest in more renewable energy. It is designed to offer commercial/industrial customers the opportunity to select renewable energy options that meet their corporate sustainability goals/targets based upon their organization’s typical and projected energy consumption. DEMEC works with the corporate management teams to determine what products fit their individual needs. This is not a “one size fits all” program but rather a unique option afforded to corporate customers to purchase a customized portfolio of products through market purchases of select Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) or Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) from a variety of generation technologies (wind, solar, hydro, etc.) Participation questions should be emailed to Scott Lynch (      

Municipal Green Energy Grant Program

Municipal Green Energy Program grants are available to encourage and support renewable energy technologies. Availability is limited to electric customers of several Delaware municipal electric utilities which are contributing to the Municipal Green Energy Fund. Funds are limited and are subject to availability. For more information on qualifying technologies and installation requirements please refer to the Municipal Green Energy Program Regulations. Participation questions should be be emailed to Scott Lynch (        

City of Newark

Product Applications

Green Energy Program Checklist and Details

Newark Photovoltaic GEF Application

Newark Geothermal GEF Application

Newark Solar Water Heating GEF Application

Newark Wind Turbine GEF Application

City of Newark Interconnection Application

Municipal Contacts:

City of Newark Electric Department 

City of Newark Code Enforcement


City of Newark Renewable Energy Program

Newark created a new 100% renewable energy fee for all electric customer classifications. The new rate will automatically apply to all new electric accounts created after May 26, 2021, and existing electric customers can opt into this program if they so choose. The fee is set on a charge per kilowatt-hour (kWh), and the revenue derived from this fee is used to purchase renewable energy credits (RECs) of sufficient quantity to cover all usage from accounts that have opted to participate in the program. The RECs will then be retired on behalf of those customers. Click here to learn more about this program.