Green Grants


Municipal Green Energy Grants

Municipal Green Energy Program grants are now available to encourage and support renewable energy technologies. Availability is limited to electric customers of several Delaware municipal electric utilities which are contributing to the Municipal Green Energy Fund. Funds are limited and are subject to availability.

For more information on qualifying technologies and installation requirements please refer to the Municipal Green Energy Program Regulations. Participation questions should be be emailed to
Scott Lynch (        

City of Newark

As of September 16, 2019, the Newark City Council decided to change its Green Energy Incentive structure and freeze payments as of November 1, 2019 or when the total amount in grant monies are depleted by the commitments to applications.   DEMEC will continue processing applications until funds are depleted or until October 31, 2019 arrives. DEMEC cannot disburse any funds from the grant program after October 31, 2019 until a new program is approved by Council. Any names placed on a waiting list would be eligible for the new program.

Product Applications

Green Energy Program Checklist and Details

Newark Photovoltaic GEF Application

Newark Geothermal GEF Application

Newark Solar Water Heating GEF Application

Newark Wind Turbine GEF Application

City of Newark Interconnection Application

Municipal Contacts:

City of Newark Electric Department 

City of Newark Code Enforcement