Board of Directors


Board of Directors

The Delaware Municipal Electric Corporation (DEMEC) Board of Directors is key to running the organization. The Board consists of one director and alternate from each of DEMEC’s member communities. The local city/town council or board for each community appoints who will serve.

The Board of Directors meets monthly at the DEMEC office in Smyrna, Delaware. These meetings provide DEMEC with direction on strategic initiatives regarding power supply, advocacy and education, outreach, and member collaboration.

Officers include:

  • Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

The President and CEO of DEMEC is an ex-officio member of the Board. Under the guidance and direction of the President and CEO, DEMEC staff provides expert, technical assistance to address the electric service needs of its member communities. Through DEMEC and the power of joint action, each community is able to provide low-cost, highly reliable electric service to its residents.

Our Board of Directors

Morris Deputy

Town of Middletown

Thomas Coleman

Vice Chair
City of Newark

Mary E. DeBenedictis

Town of Clayton

Charles Anderson

City of Seaford

Mark Whitfield

City of Milford

Scott Blomquist

MSC of the
City of New Castle

Austin Calaman

Lewes BPW

Sheldon Hudson

Town of Smyrna

Kimberly Schlichting picture

Kimberly A. Schlichting

President & CEO