DEMEC invests in a variety of generation sources that provide maximum benefits to its members while maintaining low costs and reliability, continued environmental stewardship, and protecting them from price volatility. This prevents high price fluctuations for customers and protects the environment for future generations.

DEMEC’s high credit ratings and on-behalf-of financing allows DEMEC and its members to build and own efficient generation facilities more economically than purchasing power at market rates. These assets include natural gas, solar, and wind energy; all of which have extremely low to no emissions. Over 90% of DEMEC’s delivered power meets the criteria of low to no emissions.

Our member communities participate in an array of solar generation opportunities, ranging from community solar, to utility-scale solar parks, to individual solar facilities that target a specific energy need in the community.

DEMEC continues to be a leader in sustainable energy, a large amount located within the state of Delaware. Our member municipalities adopted a comparable program to the State of Delaware’s Renewable Portfolio Standards, known as the Municipal RPS. Legislation passed by the Delaware General Assembly in 2021 increased the RPS goal to 40% renewable by 2035. DEMEC is updating the Municipal RPS to reflect these recent increases.

Through prudent investments and strategic market purchases DEMEC continues to reduce the wholesale rate for its members, saving millions of dollars in energy costs that are able to be reinvested back into member communities.