DEMEC was incorporated in 1979 as a public corporation constituted as a Joint Action Agency and a wholesale electric utility. DEMEC represents and serves municipal electric distribution utilities located in the State of Delaware.

DEMEC Members consist of (from North to South):

Collectively, they serve over 99,000 residents and businesses in their communities. In total, DEMEC’s Members have a peak load over 300 megawatts. DEMEC is a generation owner and the PJM Load Serving Entity (“LSE”) for its municipal member utilities and provides 100% of their wholesale power supply requirements.

Mission & Vision

Mission: To support our members’ success and relevance, DEMEC delivers excellence in competitive, reliable, sustainable power supply and innovative services, advancing the benefits of community-owned utilities.

Vision: Be a leading joint action agency providing competitive, reliable, and sustainable power supply while pursuing opportunities that increase the overall value to DEMEC’s membership.