DEMEC Information Session – Customer Education Tools

DEMEC hosted an informational session earlier this week on our new customer education tools launching to the public on February 1st as a shared service to our member communities. The tools include an interactive Home Energy Advisor, designed to help customers take control of their energy use and find opportunities to save money.

Customers start all the way to the right with the My Home tab to breakdown their electric usage and begin pin-pointing areas for improvement. That information feeds into the Bill Analysis tab, where customers can see how weather patterns, days in the billing cycle, and average usage impact their electric costs month to month. For greater detail, select the advanced options on the My Home tab to include additional usage information. The Saving Tips tab shows customers money-saving incentive programs, rebates, and energy tips customized to their energy usage. There customers can prioritize their next energy efficiency steps to continue saving money month after month.

In addition to the Home Energy Advisor, specific energy usage calculators are also offered to help with EV planning, comparing home heating sources, space heaters, and seeing where energy usage is adding up to real dollars on your monthly bill. Each easy-to-use calculator is designed to provide customized results for each customer, using their local utility electric rates. To learn more, select your community under our “Development” webpage and click on “Residential Customer Energy Savings Tools“!