DEMEC President and CEO Patrick E. McCullar Will Step Down After 28 Years of Leadership

Smyrna, Delaware – Delaware Municipal Electric Corporation, Inc. (“DEMEC”) announced today that longtime President and CEO Patrick E. McCullar will step down on October 15, 2021 after leading the organization for 28 years. He will remain in his role as President & CEO and fully engaged as the Board of Directors undertakes the process to select his replacement. Recognizing the likelihood of future leadership changes and the need to maintain the stability and vibrancy of the organization, the DEMEC Board and staff leaders developed a succession plan in 2018. “This was an anticipated event for the organization, and one for which DEMEC is well prepared,” said Morris Deputy, Board Chair for DEMEC. “We are grateful to Patrick for the exceptional leadership he has provided DEMEC over the years as our first President and CEO, and above all we want our members and stakeholders to know that the health of the organization remains sound.”

“I am honored to have led this organization for 28 years, both as Chairman of the Board and as President and CEO, and to have worked alongside my colleagues who impress me every day,” said McCullar “During the rest of this year, I’ll be fortunate to continue guiding DEMEC’s exciting opportunities to advance the interests of our members, even as we plan for the transition to new leadership.”

McCullar has served since 1997 as DEMEC’s first President and CEO, after serving as Chairman of the Board from 1993 to 1997. DEMEC, which is headquartered in Smyrna, Delaware, is a Joint Action Agency, Generation Owner and Load Serving Entity in Delaware and has a $150 million budget. He began his career as a finance expert working extensively in the public sector for municipalities, including City of Kansas City, Missouri, City of Saint Charles, Missouri, and City of Newark, Delaware. McCullar also worked for the Kansas City Chiefs Football Club.

McCullar currently serves as board member and Corporate Treasurer of American Municipal Power, Inc. ( and has served as a board member of the American Public Power Association ( and the Transmission Access Policy Study Group ( McCullar played a principal leadership role in the PJM Interconnection ( Stakeholder Process as Past Chair of the PJM Member’s Committee, serving on the PJM Board Liaison Committee, Finance Committee, Nominating Committee, and as Representative of the Electric Distributor’s Sector. McCullar is also a founding member of the PJM Public Power Coalition, which represents Load Serving Entities and Transmission Dependent Utilities at PJM. McCullar is a past Chair of the Delmarva Peninsula Planning Association, a regional transmission and distribution planning group composed of all electric utilities on the Delmarva Peninsula. McCullar served as a registered lobbyist for DEMEC and Public Power at the Federal and State level. McCullar has testified before Congress and is a frequent technical speaker at FERC, PJM, and national technical conferences. McCullar holds degrees in Business Administration and Accounting from the University of Missouri.