Schlichting Elected as Vice Chair of AMP’s Solar Phase II Project

During the 2017 American Public Power (AMP) Conference in September, Kimberly Schlichting, DEMEC Senior Vice President of Operations & Power Supply, was elected as Vice Chair of AMP’s Solar Phase II Project. Solar Phase II started in March of 2016 when AMP entered into a joint development agreement with DG AMP Solar, a wholly owned subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources, for the development, construction and operation of up to 80 MW or more of new solar electric generation facilities. This project allows DEMEC and other members to participate in one large solar project comprised of smaller solar installs in member territories thereby benefiting from the economies of scale.

Initially, DEMEC designed a 1.5 MW solar facility located in Smyrna, Delaware for their own needs but joined the AMP joint-venture project to reduce risks and costs. As anticipated, project costs have decreased significantly, bringing increased cost savings to its participants and ultimately our customers. Through this project the cost of renewable energy will rival the cost of energy produced by fossil fuels. The development of solar facilities further diversifies DEMEC’s power supply portfolio to ensure reliable, low-cost energy that protects the environment.