DEMEC Hosts Truck and Tool Event

On June 7, 2017 the Delaware Municipal Electric Corporation (DEMEC) hosted a Truck and Tool event for its members to see the latest and greatest equipment available. Ten vendors showcased their equipment, focusing on safety and making the job easier.

DEMEC President and CEO, Patrick McCullar stated, “Safety is our top priority. We were excited to provide this all-in-one opportunity for our members to see a wide variety of tools and other equipment to make their utilities safer and more efficient.”

Distribution managers and linemen from all over the state and parts of Maryland attended the event. They could personally test equipment and see first-hand how it worked. Wire and cable, LED streetlights, network and security solutions, tools, and much more were on display.

“This was a unique opportunity to offer our members as we continue to find new and innovative resources to help their utilities remain safe and reliable,” said Senior Vice President of Operations and Power Supply, Kimberly Schlichting.

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