DEMEC Hosts Customer Service Training for Member Communities

The Delaware Municipal Electric Corporation (DEMEC) sponsored and hosted the final session in the APPA Customer Service Certification training series on January 29th for almost 20 local public power utility staff members. The training, “Utilizing Technology to Enhance Customer Service”, covered a range of customer service priorities relating to the current information and operational technologies that impact how the utility provides service to customers.

Discussions centered around recognizing the importance of using a technology roadmap to meet customer needs and expectations, identifying today’s workforce challenges, and assessing the current technology profile for customer service at the attendees’ local utilities. A common theme throughout this training series is that customer service is not just the responsibility of a few people but involves every employee.

Instructor Patricia Cruz, of Hometown Connections, explained how to create a common language around technology, what customer service looks like in the digital era, and platforms for tomorrow’s technology. Additionally, differing generational expectations for customer service and the quick, immediate service customers have come to expect, play a big role in the technology roadmap for a utility and what challenges the workforce faces.

DEMEC recognizes the importance of customer service and plans to continue providing more of these opportunities for our members. We will work with attendees to complete the APPA Customer Service Certificate program that includes passing an online test and submitting a plan for customer service department assessment and service improvement project.  The overwhelmingly positive feedback from the participants supports the need for this training and the start of another round for new staff members to attend.