DEMEC COO, Kimberly Schlichting, Receives National Award

DEMEC’s COO – SVP Power Supply, Kimberly Schilchting, was recently awarded the 2019 American Public Power Association (APPA) Mark Crission Leadership and Managerial Excellence Award.  Schlichting has been with DEMEC for over 15 years, previously working for the Town of Smyrna as their Assistant Town Manager. This award recognizes the substantial impact Kimberly has made on the public power industry and her valuable contributions to improving power supply and business operations at DEMEC. Her efforts on both a state and national level have brought DEMEC to new levels of excellence, and her leadership encourages DEMEC and member community staff to grow and learn. Schlichting represents DEMEC on the APPA Board of Directors, APPA Mutual Aid Working Group, and as an alternate director for the American Municipal Power Board of Directors. She helped grow DEMEC’s self-supply generation assets to nearly 300 megawatts of power supply, including the Beasley Power Station located in Smyrna, DE. Her vision for a robust training program for staff, city officials, and elected officials has brought in hundreds of hours of training ranging from customer service, to key accounts, to finance, to cybersecurity and public relations. Started out at DEMEC with just her and President & CEO, Pat McCullar, sharing a desk in a small office, Kimberly has played a valuable role in the growth of the company; now with its own administrative building and eight new staff positions created over the years. Kimberly will be recognized at APPA’s National Conference this June.