DEMEC Awards Christina School District for Demand Response Efforts

From L to R: Rod Harden, Chief Custodian; Richard Gregg, Christina Superintendent;
Scott Lynch, DEMEC VP Asset Development

The Delaware Municipal Electric Corporation (DEMEC) was pleased to award the Christina School District with a check for $11,506 for their demand response efforts last year. Their initiatives to reduce their energy use during days with high temperatures and high demand helped reduce DEMEC’s peak energy consumption. Their reward for participating in DEMEC and PJM’s demand response initiatives shows the win-win partnership that is created through this type of program. They save, DEMEC saves, and in return the communities save money and energy.

Christina School District currently participates using Newark High School to reduce their energy usage. During the summer, the school’s Chief Custodian, Rod Harden, turns off lights and air conditioning in unused wings of the school for 10-15 minutes at a time. Rotating through different sections of the school reduces their energy use and minimizes the effect on those in the school. According to Harden, these adjustments are almost undetectable by those in the school, but they help Newark High School save energy on hot days.

“The Christina School District is excited to participate in this partnership with DEMEC, and we are certainly thankful for the opportunity to save money because of our mutual efforts,” said Christina Superintendent Richard Gregg. “It’s great to be part of a program that rewards schools for reducing energy use.”

Simple steps like turning off lights or briefly turning off the air conditioner are efforts that anyone can take in their home or business to help reduce energy use on high demand days. Look to DEMEC’s website or Facebook page for alerts and what you can do to help. Visit us at or