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April 22, 2016

April 22, 2016 is Earth Day.  A day we celebrate the planet we call home. It's a day for us to marvel at our complex world and to reconnect with nature.  A connection that many Delawareans relive only as memories. Our childhoods were filled with play, imagination, and exploration, with daily outside adventures, family trips, and personal experiences that built an understanding of, and appreciation for, the natural world.

However today, many Delawareans and their children are deprived of enjoying the same outdoor experiences as their parents and grandparents. More children between ages 8 to 18 on average are spending 6.5 hours per day engaged with some electronic media (TV, Computer, Tablet, etc.) with only mere minutes each day at unstructured outdoor activities. Our children are losing touch with the land, water and the world outdoors.

But today doesn't have to be like every other day.  And your electric utility is determined to get you started by suggesting you unplug this weekend. We know it sounds a little different but that's what municipal power is... a little different.

How to Get Started: Try taking a few hours on Earth Day April 22nd and each day this weekend to check out some of the local parks and recreation activities in your community.  Below you can click on your local community to find out more about the great outside opportunities awaiting you.  

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Happy Earth Day and We Hope to See You Outside.  It's going to be a great weekend!!

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