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May 11, 2015

DEMEC communities celebrated Earth Day by raffling shade trees to promote their cost savings benefits. Not only do shade trees naturally provide a welcoming spot for one to sit and cool down during hot summer days, but when properly located and planted they can reduce home and business energy costs by reducing the need for summer air conditioning. The energy savings associated with trees doesn’t stop with summer. In the winter, trees lose their leaves which allows the sun to warm up homes and business; reducing heating needs and lowering heating costs.

Each community awarded one tree to one lucky citizen on Earth Day. Winners were:

City of Newark - Gene Lara

Town of Middletown - Eric Green

Town of Clayton - Jeremy Melvin

Town of Smyrna - Audry Joseph

City of Dover - Diana Lynn Dickerson

City of Milford - Terri Thorpe

Lewes BPW - Stephen Kogler

City of Seaford - Debi Thomas

More information on each community and their winners can be found in their press release:

Newark Earth Day Tree Raffle

Middletown's Earth Day Tree Raffle

Clayton's Earth Day Tree Raffle

Smyrna's Earth Day Tree Raffle

Dover's Earth Day Tree Raffle

Milford's Earth Day Tree Raffle

Lewes's Earth Day Tree Raffle

Seaford's Earth Day Tree Raffle

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