Printable Version - Community Solar Makes Participation Affordable in Delaware

June 8, 2015

The Delaware Municipal Electric Corportaion was featured in American Public Power Associations weekly publication called Public Power Weekly in an article about how DEMEC assisted the City of Newark with their Community Solar Project.

Community solar has helped the Delaware Municipal Electric Corporation take strides toward meeting the state renewable portfolio standard — but it’s done a lot more too. The joint action agency, which serves nine municipal utilities in Delaware, could have purchased renewable energy credits to meet the RPS. Instead, it wanted to use the RPS to bring solar to communities, according to Scott Lynch, Energy Services Manager. DEMEC saw an opportunity fill “a hole” in solar availability, Lynch said. Solar has largely been a “doctor or lawyer” product; it’s not been affordable to the average person. So DEMEC decided it was going to make solar affordable for all, and found an innovative way to do so.

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