Printable Version - Looking for an easy New Year’s Resolution to Keep: Try Energy Efficiency

January 4, 2016

We make New Year’s resolutions as a way to start a new habit (e.g. eat better, exercise more, save money, etc.) but we often find that our initial motivations fade as the weeks drag on.  Staying strong to your great intentions can be hard, but you can have lasting success by resolving to invest in measures like energy efficiency.

Improving your home by reducing energy use is a behavior change worth the effort.   Not only will energy efficiency conserve energy, it can also help you reach your other New Year's goals with the money you’ll save.  Start learning to save today by visiting DEMEC's Energy Depot.  

Once you have identified some areas of improvement check out these available statewide incentives to help reduce the cost!

Also, don't forget to contact your municipal energy provider for tips and assistance to conserve energy.

Being energy efficient is a smart way to begin the New Year!

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