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DEMEC is committed to helping its members site renewable energy systems in their communities not only because it’s the environmentally right thing to do, but because it's what they choose to do.  


Clayton – The Town of Clayton installed its first community solar system on the local Clayton Fire Department in the 2nd Quarter of 2015.  The 4 kw system shows the commitment of the town to support critical infrastructure with renewable energy.  

Click Here to see Clayton Fire Departement's Solar Energy Production


Dover – The City of Dover SUN Park, a 10MW facility, was the first utility-scale solar power plant in the region.  It supplies enough power for over 1,700 homes and created about 150 local jobs during construction. 


Middletown - The Town of Middletown designated over $17,000 of its Green Energy funds for a photovoltaic system at Bunker Hill Elementary school.  In the 2010/2011 school year, Governor Jack Markell and Senator Chris Coons helped dedicate Delaware’s first renewable energy classroom. 


Milford – The City of Milford Solar Park is a 15 MW solar project on 80 acres of land in Kent County, Delaware.   The $50 million project completed construction in the 4th quarter of 2012 and helped create approximately 100 jobs during construction.


 New Castle Municipal Services Commission ("MSC") - The MSC is building its first community solar project, a 29 kW solar array to support the interest of its community to locate more renewable energy inside municipal boarders.  This installation was completed in the 3rd quarter of 2016.  



Newark – The City of Newark is invested over $600,000 in a 230kW solar generation facility on a former landfill site.  The project is called the McKees Solar Park.  This community-owned solar resource will enable all community members to participate in solar.  Project design and acquisition was managed by DEMEC.  The McKees Solar Park also offers a community solar participation program.  

McKee Solar ParkClick the logo to learn more and join Delaware's First Community Solar Opt-In Program 

Click here to see McKees Solar Park Energy Production


Seaford – The City of Seaford has procured a State of Delaware low interest loan to partially fund a 688kW solar electric facility as part of Seaford’s utility system expansion.   DEMEC will participate in the funding of this project.


Smyrna –     The Town of Smyrna has approved the construction of its first community based solar generation facility.  It will be up to 1.5 MW in capacity and will be located in the Smyrna Business Park next to the Warren F. Beasley Power Plant.  The project development and construction is being managed by DEMEC.                                  


Municipal Green Energy Program Grants:


In addition to community sited solar systems, DEMEC members have encouraged and supported residential and commercial renewable energy systems since June 1, 2006 through Municipal Green Energy Program grants. DEMEC has leveraged over $7 Million dollars of overall investment in renewable energy with over $2.3 Million dollars of grants.